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Peppered Gin
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ABV: 45%
Country: America
Style: Contemporary
Price per bottle: ££
Availability: Worldwide

Sam Coyne – 9.0 

Nose: Floral and citrus. In the background there’s an almost smoky, peated note. Something BBQ perhaps? Different.

Palate: Complex, but nicely balanced. There’s juniper initially – think gentle pine. Pepper comes to the fore, but smoky chipotle is the main player, along with BBQ-grilled peppers.

Finish: Citrus and of course, chipotle. 

Comments: This is really special – completely left-field but enough juniper and citrus weight not to upset classic gin lovers. Mix this in a Negroni.

David T. Smith – 9.0 

Nose: Savoury, salty, and slightly smoky, with smoked wood, lemon, rosemary, and juniper.

Palate: A resinous gin with hints of paprika, mesquite, and dark chocolate. The character of the gin unfurls with green agave-like leafiness and some toasted orange.

Finish: Complex herbal notes linger; this has a character that stays with you.

Comments: A really unusual gin, I suspect that this might divide opinion, however, I think that it’s unique and rather fun and would make a pretty spectacular Negroni.

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