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Sheringham Gin – Kazuki Gin

Sheringham Gin
Kazuki Gin
Sherringham Distillery

ABV: 43%
Country: Canada
Style: Contemporary
Price per bottle: ££
Availability: Canada

Sam Coyne – 7.8 

Nose: A lemon peel note, coriander and tea. There’s a faint elderflower that lifts things up a little. 

Palate: A malt backbone that builds up with spice. Gradually the citrus notes from the nose make their presence felt on the palate.

Finish: A spicy, peppery finish that is pretty enduring.

Comments: Nicely balances out nods to classic gins with a few quirky touches, such as the malt note. It’s very interesting. 

David T. Smith – 8.0 

Nose: Malty grain notes come through on the nose, joined by more delicate aromas of coriander and citrus.

Palate: An oily and powerful gin with lots of citrus and spice from coriander. A biscuity note that is nicely combined with a dash of menthol pepper. 

Finish: Crisp, green juniper and leafy notes are joined by a final citrus zing.

Comments: A bright and vibrant gin with good intensity – perfect for a Gin & Tonic or Gin & Soda.


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