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Salcombe Gin – Island Queen

Salcombe Gin
Island Queen 
Salcombe Distilling Co.

ABV: 46%
Country: England 
Style: Contemporary
Price per bottle: ££££
Availability: Worldwide

Sam Coyne – 8.2 

Nose: Raspberries upfront, then pineapple and lime peels. 

Palate: A pine-fresh juniper note up front, before coconut yoghurt comes to the fore. There’s a little coriander in there and perhaps some green herbal note. Leads to a strong, peppery spice.

Finish: Desiccated coconut and a subtle sweetness. Think Bounty bars. 

Comments: Lots of interesting notes that are balanced superbly. Indian tonic will do a great job of drawing out the pineapple and coconut, and dialling down the spice a little.

David T. Smith – 8.4 

Nose: Soft, ripe summer berries –strawberries and blackberries – along with elderflowers.

Palate: Fruit and a little cream to start, followed by sweet, earthy angelica and hints of anise and fennel.

Finish: Dry citrus to finish, along with a lingering spiciness.

Comments: With good complexity and balance, this would work well in a Gin & Tonic.

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