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Trinity Blend 

ABV: 49%
Country: England 
Style: Classic
Price per bottle: £££
Availability: Worldwide

Sam Coyne – 9.1 

Nose: Juniper and citrus aromas. Straight-forward, but it is to the point and sings its song loudly. 

Palate: Big and bold. Juniper forward and an earthiness with pine. There’s a citrus note, almond nuttiness, coriander and peppery spice. They fade to a clear fleshy citrus. That oily mouthfeel is something special.

Finish: Long, with earthier flavour of the juniper.

Comments: An interesting take on a classic which delivers in so many ways. Perfect with the very notion of vermouth for a Martini.

David T. Smith – 8.1 

Nose: A powerful and fragrant nose with bright citrus and the spice of coriander with a gentle flurry of berries, too.

Palate: A full-bodied texture that fills the mouth; somewhat oily, with plenty of coriander and a touch of grapefruit.

Finish: A lingering, zesty and oily finish that keeps the brightness of the gin going on and on.

Comments: A vibrant gin with the power to stand up to heavy mixing; this would make a handsome gin punch.

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