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Ki No Bi – Kyoto Dry Gin

Ki No Bi Gin_Recommended_Badge
Kyoto Dry Gin 
The Kyoto Distillery

ABV: 45.7%
Country: Japan 
Style: Contemporary
Price per bottle: £££
Availability: Worldwide

Sam Coyne – 7.9 

Nose: A floral bouquet to begin, complimented by citrus, menthol and pine. It is bright
and inviting.

Palate: Berry compote then juniper comes to the fore, bringing a pine note. Chamomile tea, elderflower cordial and then it errs on being a little herbal.  

Finish: Pepperier than you might have expected from the palate and seems to go on for days.

Comments: Nice and bright – enjoyable to sip neat.

David T. Smith – 9.1 

Nose: Bold, lively aromas that burst forth from the glass; citrus, herbal, and pine.

Palate: Luscious with a silky texture and heaps of character. Bright, zesty yuzu fruit comes through initially, followed by green, leafy notes. 

Finish: A slight sweetness is joined by a lingering spiciness and notes of coriander, before just a touch of black peppercorns.

Comments: An interesting and exciting gin that is well-made and vibrant. Great for a dry Martini or a French ‘75.

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