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Boutique-y Gin collaboration with Masons burns brightly

A new gin has literally risen from the ashes as a collaboration between That Boutique-y Gin Company and Masons Yorkshire Gin.

Smouldering Heights is the latest addition to the Boutique-y Gin portfolio, however its story involves a bittersweet irony (Ed. that isn’t a new botanical by the way).

But first, the gin – Boutique-y describe it as a lively gin with an ‘unusual’ flavour profile,  delivering floral and fruity notes and more than a hint of smoke derived from peated malt included in the botanical mix.

When the idea for the gin first came about the smoky flavour and fire-y label was inspired by the annual act of heather burning on the Yorkshire Moors, which happens every year to encourage new growth.

However, the theme took on a new, bizarrely ironic, significance a few weeks ago when a devastating fire took hold at the Masons Distillery, destroying a still and temporarily halting production. Thankfully nobody was hurt in the blaze and production at Mason’s has resumed thanks to the well-timed arrival of a new still that was due to help boost capacity to make Masons gin.

A somewhat poignant release considering the circumstances, Smouldering Heights now represents new growth from the ashes – with Masons’ founders Karl and Cathy vowing to turn adversity into opportunity to come back bigger and better than ever before.

Commenting on the launch, Karl Mason says: “This is a liquid created at Masons Yorkshire Gin distillery prior to the fire, that represents our local heritage and traditions. Even the label design, complete with flame-thrower, was conceived before the fire which could be seen as a little spooky! Now the gin, and the design, just so happen to also represent the way we’ve managed to overcome the disaster we’ve had thrown our way. We’re excited for this gin to get out into the world to celebrate our recovery from the fire and looking forward to feedback from our loyal Masons drinkers and some new Boutique-y fans.”

Global brand manager at That Boutique-y Gin Company Jen Ghosh says: “This initially tragic set of circumstances have given Smouldering Heights a truly remarkable story. We chose to postpone the launch to allow the team at Mason’s to recover, but now the time has come to release it to the world and we’re delighted by the news that Masons is not only back in production but expanding as a result of the fire. We hope that this gin gives people familiar with both brands a pleasingly unfamiliar bottle to relish, which through an odd twist of fate has become hugely poignant.”

The first batch of Smouldering Heights is now available from Maverick Drinks in the UK and Atom Brands and associated distributors globally. RRP £29.95 for a 50cl bottle.

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