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Take That Boutique-y outside with new canned cocktails

That Boutique-y Gin Company has canned a series of Craft Cocktails, each using one of the quirky brand’s premium gins and interesting ingredients.

Launching as an initial wave of five variants, That Boutique-y Gin Company has used the brand’s innovation and flavour to inject the RTD category with a pop of Boutique-y flair. The first launch will include Moonshot Gin and Citrus Tonic, Spit-Roasted Pineapple Gin Mule, Cherry Gin and Craft Cola, Strawberry & Balsamico Gin Fizz and Squeezed Yuzu Gin Collins.

Best yet, the team have promised to continuously evolve the range with future variants, one-offs, collaborations and seasonal lines.

What makes TBGC Craft Cocktails different?

Selina Raggett at TBGC explains: “We want more people to have access to interesting drinks in more places. We know that drinkers are looking for increasingly exciting and sophisticated flavour combinations, and that putting these in cans or on draught will allow both retailers and bars to satisfy the demands of convenience and ease of service without compromising on flavour. For the cans, we’ve embraced the true Boutique-y style at its boldest, moving away from the traditional gin in a tin look and feel. We’ve taken inspiration from our Boutique-y labels to create something that’s really eye-catching.”

Those who have been disappointed that the ‘ready-to-drink’ cocktails are only 25cl in the past will have a pleasant surprise, with Boutique-y’s offerings coming in at a relatively hefty 33cl.

While most will sit at a traditional 4.5-5% ABV, the Moonshot Gin and Citrus Tonic is 7.2% ABV, ensuring that the flavour of the gin shines through, just as it would (and should!) in a freshly poured G&T.

While the Craft Cocktails range has launched with gin, That Boutique-y Whisky Company and That Boutique-y Rum company will also get their chance to shine in a ready-to-drink format as the selection grows.

Selina says: “That Boutique-y Gin Company is well known for pushing the boundaries with exciting releases and new flavours, and the Craft Cocktails will continue this ethos. We’re already working on an exciting wave of new releases!”

The Craft Cocktails will launch in the UK this summer, with the first wave available  all over Europe.

A second wave will launch shortly afterwards specifically for Australia and New Zealand.

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