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The Gin Bar Menu At… The Newbury

Reintroducing an appreciation for gin

Having successfully established The Whitchurch bar and restaurant in Bristol, Pete Lumber went on to open The Newbury in 2012, situated in Berkshire. His passion for wines and spirits has been the driving force behind the experience on offer at The Newbury, as well as part of the inspiration behind the creation of 137 Gin. 

The idea of distilling the first gin in Newbury was conceived almost two years ago, following on from a casual dinner with a friend. The months afterwards included extensive planning and experimental distilling, ahead of the launch of 137 Gin. 

Once the planning permission had been submitted for the distillery, Pete began to test out various gin and food pairings, in order to ensure that the dishes created at The Newbury would be successfully incorporated into the distillery experience. 

Through its relationship with The Newbury, 137 Gin is introducing an appreciation for gin-making back into the area, making it fun and immersive for all. The distillery is located within the pub and provides visitors with a chance to see a working micro-distillery, in which they can enjoy a private gin tasting, dining experience or party for up to 20 people. 

Every week there is a chance to enjoy your very own gin tasting, held by Pete and ambassador for 137 Gin, Damien Hutchins. Each tasting session includes two hours of gin sampling from the brand portfolio, with expertise from Pete and Damien. 

In a relatively short space of time, the team have managed to produce four gins, with something to suit every palate. Lumber’s Bartholomew Berkshire Dry is perfect for those who are after a balance of spices and citrus. If you are more of a traditionalist, the Lumber’s Bartholomew London Dry provides a juniper-forward gin, with an earthy character. The Lumber’s Bartholomew Country Garden has a hint of floral botanicals, providing a dry herbal finish and lastly Lumber’s Bartholomew Navy Strength, which provides the punchy strength you would expect from the style.

All of the above are available at The Newbury, whether you are interested in the 137 Distillery itself or are simply heading for an evening in the pub. Complementing the gins on offer will be a five-course dinner, perfectly paired by the venue’s newly appointed Michelin star chef; definitely an experience not to be missed.  

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