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The Gael – Signature Scottish Gin

The Gael
Signature Scottish Gin
The Gael Spirits Company

ABV: 40%
Country: Scotland
Style: Classic
Price per bottle: £
Availability: Worldwide

Sam Coyne – 7.8

Nose: Vanilla and freshly baked bread. Not your usual gin nose. Juniper is a little late to the party and makes a subdued entrance. 

Palate: Creamy and there’s a heathered barley note. Vanilla. Just folds nicely over your tongue. Juniper is present without being the main act, while citrus is a passing note. 

Finish: Lasting, with the backbone of a gin. Warming too.

Comments: Brings something quite intriguing to the table. Cream and vanilla. Faint wafts of juniper and citrus.

Phoebe Calver – 7.5 

Nose: An interesting combination on the nose, almost cereal-like, or maybe corn. Citrus notes are popping through the juniper.

Taste: Very, very smooth and it has moved to a heathery sweetness, the citrus is still there but it has become a lot more rich and slightly hidden beneath some light spice.

Finish: Quite a fruity finish, with the spice hit holding out for as long as it could.

Comments: Lightly warming and rustic to taste.

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