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Hubbards Gin – Casino Blend

Hubbards Gin 
Casino Blend 

ABV: 40%
Country: England 
Style: Flavoured
Price per bottle: ££
Availability: Worldwide

Sam Coyne – 8.6

Nose: Closed. A whiff of maraschino and fresh Bakewell tarts.  

Palate: Rich. Worth the entry fee for the mouthfeel alone, which is oily and coating. Sweet and more of the cherry note. We’re fully in Bakewell tart territory. There’s something herbal in the background, but I’d be sticking my neck out to say it was juniper.

Finish: Long – this one will really stay with you. It’s a liquid cherry Bakewell. 

Comments: Something to really admire about this. I would love to give it a go in a Negroni.

Phoebe Calver – 8.5

Nose: Sweet cherries come through the juniper, zesty spice at the tail end, warming and festive.

Taste: Cherries burst through again, almost overwhelmingly sweet, but the light spice kick brings it back down. Slightly nutty maybe marzipan, like I’m drinking the party version of a Bakewell tart.

Finish: Warm and long finish.That sweetness isn’t going anywhere. 

Comments: Considering the strong maraschino kick, you still get that hit of juniper. A lot of fun.


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