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Citadelle – Réserve

Maison Ferrand

ABV: 45.2%
Country: France 
Style: Matured
Price per bottle: £££
Availability: Worldwide

Sam Coyne – 8.8 

Nose: Spice initially, perhaps a little liquorice too? Earthy vanilla and oak. 

Palate: Ripened red fruits; cherries and red berries. Spice and a peppery note too. Sweet balanced out by the influence of vanilla. 

Finish: Long and very lasting. Crisp. 

Comments: An enjoyable matured gin with classy influence from the cask. Lots going on, but all handled well. Would recommend it as a great sipping gin. Otherwise try with ginger ale or perhaps in a Negroni.

Phoebe Calver – 8.4

Nose: There’s a lot of spice there, I’d say cinnamon and it’s reminding me of the cookies I used to cook as a child. 

Taste: That is spicy. The cinnamon is still there, but there is a softness cutting through which stops the palate becoming too much, kind of like an old school vanilla 99.

Finish: A relatively long finish and that spice isn’t going anywhere.  

Comments: Definitely interesting and could make for a pretty punchy cocktail in the winter months.


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