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Arcturus – Torridon Gin

Torridon Gin
The Torridon Hotel

ABV: 41.5%
Country: Scotland
Style: Contemporary
Price per bottle: ££
Availability: UK

Sam Coyne – 7.9 

Nose: Savoury. Coriander and parsley. Gone down the herbaceous route. 

Palate: A salty tang cuts through the herbal notes that you were greeted with on the nose. There are red berries that offers enough to balance out the herbs. Refreshing mintiness at the end.

Finish: Dry and long. More of the herbs. 

Comments: A clean, tasty gin. Living on the herbal side, I would be intrigued to know the botanicals in this. Lifting this one up with citrus would be a good idea for a garnish in a herbal gin and tonic.

Phoebe Calver – 8.0 

Nose: A strong herbal edge, nothing too overpowering and something a little bit different. 

Taste: There is a dry hit on the palate stays just on the right side of cotton mouth territory. The herbal edge is still there, but it’s leaving to reveal a sweetness around the edge of the tongue.

Finish: Dry right until the end, with a relatively long finish that leaves a freshness. 

Comments: I will definitely be drinking this in the summer, as I try to make festivals classy with my G&T.


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