David T. Smith Felicity Murray Issue Six Tastings

Pinkster Gin – Pinkster

Pinkster Gin 
Ginmeister Ltd.

ABV: 37.5%
Country: UK 
Style: Contemporary
Price per bottle: ££
Availability: Worldwide

David T Smith – 7.7 

Nose: Quiet and clean with a light minerality, woody pine and a soft fruitiness.

Taste: Dry berry notes to start with, including cranberry and raspberry, followed by a little vanilla creaminess.

Finish: Particularly dry on the finish, with earthy notes of angelica, black pepper and floral jasmine.

Comments: Clean and dry, with minimal sweetness, this gin would work well in long drinks.

Felicity Murray – 8.6

Nose: Delicate with light juniper and citrus notes with apples, pears and gooseberries edging through with some floral notes.

Palate: Pleasant and light with juicy citrus, sweet liquorice and piquant cherub berries.

Finish: Plenty of flavours continue to hover on a long and creamy finish with warm spices and a sharp citrus note. 

Comments: A well-made gin that would be versatile enough to partner a light or robust tonic and make a good addition to classic gin cocktails. Add mint or a slice of lime to garnish.

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