David T Smith Felicity Murray Gin Issue Six Tastings

Griffo Distillery – Griffo Scott Street

Griffo Distillery 
Griffo Scott Street 
Griffo Distillery

ABV: 46%
Country: USA 
Style: Contemporary
Price per bottle: £££
Availability: Worldwide

David T Smith – 7.9 

Nose: Jammy and fruity notes burst forth from the glass – engaging and inviting.

Taste: Great, rich, green notes of pine and juniper upfront – bright and resinous – followed by some cilantro and black pepper.

Finish: Notes of rose and pine with a little honeyed sweetness at the end of the finish.

Comments: A lively, crisp gin that would work especially well with a herbal tonic water.

Felicity Murray – 8.6 

Nose: Angelica, juniper and spruce are at the fore with some herbal and citrus notes, but with a floral edge. The high ABV does not mar its delicate nature.

Palate: Big, bold and oily mouthfeel that’s fairly complex and balanced. Nutmeg and ginger comes through with elderflower and lemongrass. 

Finish: Lemon drizzle cake with just a nice gentle warmth.

Comments: Nicely balanced and bold enough to stand up to different mixers. Would go well with a citrus or floral tonic garnished with rosemary.


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