David T Smith Felicity Murray Gin Issue Six Tastings

Colombo 7 – London Dry Gin

Colombo 7 
London Dry Gin 
Rockland Distillers

ABV: 43.1%
Country: Sri Lanka 
Style: Contemporary
Price per bottle: ££
Availability: Worldwide

David T Smith – 8.0 

Nose: A clean, subtle nose, with gentle juniper and aromas of angelica.

Taste: A modest and restrained gin, with a little sweetness on top of underlying juniper and citrus.

Finish: Soft and clean with a residual hint of lemon.

Overall: A nicely-made gin, but one that is relaxed in terms of intensity; I’d like a bolder flavour.

Felicity Murray – 9.0 

Nose: Fresh green notes, floral with a hint of citrus, clean and bright over an earthy background – like a walk in the country on a wet spring morning. 

Palate: Gentle at first then bursts of peppery spice and citrus flavours break through along with liquorice and sweet chestnut. 

Finish: Pleasantly citrusy and peppery. Medium length.

Comments: A balanced and refreshing gin with plenty of flavour that will break through a classic tonic mixer, as well as some of the new flavoured tonics; cucumber, elderflower.

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