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Online Tasting – Hubbards Gin

Hubbards Gin
Casino Blend 
40.0% ABV

Taster: Sam Coyne 

Nose: Definitely gin! This is a clever one. Initially juniper forward, with an earthy, woodland-floor note. In the wings lies a honey-sweet granola, topped with red berry compote.

Palate: True to the nose, but evolves in the opposite direction. Maraschino cherries straight off the bat. Sweet, with just an underpinning of almond. This is nicely balanced by a piney, juniper note. As it develops, we get a little more of a citrus note, specifically orange, that does a great job of freshening things up. All-in-all, this is a grown-up Black Forest gateau.

Finish: Long, loud and very clear. More of the maraschino cherry note, with just an echo of juniper freshness.

Comments: Quirky and nicely balanced, with some sophistication. Would definitely try this one mixed up in a Negroni, where the orange and cherry note could really stand-out. Otherwise, pop it in a glass neat, drink, enjoy, repeat.

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