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Cotswolds Distillery – Ginger Gin

Cotswolds Ginger Gin

Festive Tasting: No.1

Cotswolds Distillery

Ginger Gin

Cotswolds Distillery

ABV: 46%
Country: England

Sam Coyne

A piney, juniper-forward nose, with gentle honey and barley lingering in the wings. The ginger nose is faint but draws out a little more spice, balancing sweet, floral and spice perfectly.

Wonderfully warming. A really smooth honey note comes first, with a syrupy texture reminiscent of throat-sweets. Ginger tea comes through. Then juniper rushes over, bringing a herbal, piney flavour. A coating mouthfeel that leaves a very satisfying impression.

A final flourish of honey flavoured throat sweets. Warming.

The ginger note is handled excellently, more of a finishing touch than an overwhelming element. Excellent balance of spice and sweetness. Can’t wait to try this in either a hot cocktail or a negroni.

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