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Tommyrotter – Cask Strength Bourbon Barrel

Cask Strength Bourbon Barrel
Tommyrotter Distillery

ABV: 61.0%
Country: USA
Style: Cask Aged
Price Per Bottle: £41-60 (US$54-79)
Availability: USA

David T Smith – 8.4

Nose: Rich, complex aromas of plump berries, maple and pecan. Nutty and fruity, it promises a lot for the palate.

Palate: Initial orange blossom and honey; then gradually building notes of cedar and juniper, followed by lavender and flamed orange. Stone fruit and chocolate add sweetness. 

Finish: Lingering smoke and cherry wood. A final, resinous menthol. 

Comments: The gin is surprisingly smooth for its high ABV and has great botanical intensity, making it very mixable.

Felicity Murray – 8.9

Nose: Rich and honeyed with vanilla, cloves, ginger and cinnamon spice over a layer of pine leaves and damp leather. 

Palate: Like a good aged rum, but showing gin characteristics. Traces of citrus fruit and juniper creeping through the sweet, wood imparted flavours.

Finish: Demerara sugar, Seville oranges, cloves and a slight woodiness. 

Comments: A bold gin that would make an interesting sipping spirit on its own, but also a great base for long drinks including the good old G&T. 

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