Victoria Distillers

ABV: 42.5%
Country: Canada
Style: Contemporary
Price Per Bottle: £41-60 (US$54-79)
Availability: Worldwide

David T Smith – 8.3 

Nose: An eye-catching periwinkle blue, with rose jam and cooked coriander seed. 

Palate: Light rye bread alongside some huckleberry. This is followed by the citrus zing of lime and cracked black pepper. 

Finish: A gentle bitterness, reminiscent of grapefruit zest, is accompanied by residual fiery warmth of ginger root. 

Comments: Citrus- and spice-forward with more intensity than other colour-changing gins. Given its properties, serve with a grapefruit tonic or in a Gin Collins.

Felicity Murray – 8.8 

Nose: Surprisingly traditional, with juniper followed by cinnamon and citrus fruit. There’s no hint of what gives it its electric colour.

Palate: Oily and powerful. There’s a lot going on with tingly spices nicely balanced with citrus fruit – grapefruit mingling with sweet ginger.  

Finish: A warm glow, slightly sweet with juniper berries, black pepper and citrus.

Comments: Love or hate the colour, this is well-made with a lot of character. Will enhance any gin cocktail and look as good as it tastes in a G&T. 

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