de Borgen
Old-style Genever
Hooghoudt Distillers BV

ABV: 40%
Country: Netherlands 
Style: Genever
Price Per Bottle: £21-40 (US$27-53)
Availability: Worldwide

David T Smith – 9.3

Nose: Great malty notes of grain. Bready and complex with spice and citrus. 

Palate: Superb – a mix of bready grain and succulent fruitiness overlaid with a woody spice. Creamy vanilla nicely complements the juniper. 

Finish: Well-rounded and gentle, but lasting, with a spot of gingerbread and crème brûlée and a cosy warmth. 

Comments: An exceptionally sippable and smooth genever with great balance between the grain, botanicals, and barrel. Textbook.

Felicity Murray – 8.0 

Nose: Ripe pears, freshly cut hay and summer meadows at first, then rye bread and vanilla notes with a hint of pine, liquorice and perfumed spices. 

Palate: A big, soft, oily mouthfeel with a complex mix of malt, anise and citrus fruit flavours. 

Finish: Quite sweet. Gently warming with a medium length. Liquorice and honey lingers.

Comments: Very gentle, with very little juniper or alcohol burn and a sweetness that makes it easy to sip. 


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