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Italian Dry Gin 
VII Hills

Country: Italy 
Style: Traditional
Price per bottle: £21-40 (US$27-53)
Availability: Worldwide

David T. Smith – 8.1

Nose: Soft, yet nuanced nose, with notes of lemon peel and tangerine segments. Fruity and floral with a spot of star anise and almond.

Palate: A beautiful texture. The spirit fills the mouth with lots of citrus; both zesty peel and aromatic blossom.

Finish: Sweet and earthy liquorice with a twist of violets, along with more citrus and coriander, making for a long and oily finish.

Comments: Overall, a bright, summery gin; perfect for long, refreshing drinks
such as a Collins or even a Bramble.

Felicity Murray – 9

Nose: Alluring and well rounded with juniper, coriander, angelica root, oranges, rosemary and chamomile.

Palate: Hugely flavoursome and intense with sweet citrus, vegetal, floral and green herbal notes in perfect harmony.

Finish: Fruity and slightly peppery, long and complex.

Comments: Try mixing this gin with a light or herbal tonic and garnish with a slice of cucumber or even a stick of celery. It’s also the perfect gin for using in the classic Italian cocktail, the Negroni.

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