David T. Smith Felicity Murray Issue Three Tastings

Stonecutter – Single Barrel Gin

Single Barrel Gin 
Stonecutter Spirits

ABV: 45%
Country: America 
Style: Cask Aged
Price per bottle: £21-40 (US$27-53)
Availability: America

David T. Smith – 8.5 

Nose: Warm cinnamon and orange, conjuring up a festive air. A floral woodiness, liquorice and chewy stem ginger cookies.

Palate: Invigorating zesty, bright orange and more ginger; this adds an aromatic spice and a light, lingering warmth. The mouthfeel is thick, with a gentle sweetness.

Finish: A lingering spice with cherry and a touch of salted chocolate.

Comments: A flavoursome and accessible aged gin, easy to sip leisurely, and in a long drink with ginger ale and a squeeze of lime.

Felcity Murray – 7.4 

Nose: Gently perfumed with mellow honeysuckle, lemon grass, caraway seed, vanilla pods, and honey. 

Palate: Intense with a high alcohol hit. Almonds and pear drops mixed with lemon peel and green herbal flavours.

Finish: Short, dry and herbaceous with a sharp citrus edge.

Comments: The effect of the cask finishing is very subtle, leaving just a faint tinge of colour and dryness. Mix with flavoured tonic and garnish accordingly, or use standard tonic and a vanilla pod garnish.

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