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Genièvre de Houlle – Houlle Carte Blanche

Genièvre de HoulleGin_Recommended_Badge
Houlle Carte Blanche
Distillerie Persyn

ABV: 49%
Country: France 
Style: Genever
Price per bottle: £21-40 (US$27-53)
Availability: Worldwide

David T. Smith – 9.1 

Nose: Fabulous, complex and engaging. Malted grain with hay, citrus and digestive biscuits. Textbook.

Palate: Very smooth, despite the high ABV, and enjoyable to drink on its own. Dark rye, anise and mint sauce that complement the malt flavours. A little honey, combined with marmalade citrus.

Finish: Marbled rye with toasted dark sugar and a flicker of earthy bitterness.

Comments: A fine example of a genever: nuanced and a joy to drink. Best enjoyed simply on the rocks.

Felicity Murray – 7.9 

Nose: Clean, fresh, malty notes mixed with freshly cut hay and wild flowers.

Palate: The high alcohol strength is very evident but the complexity of the botanical flavours filters through equally strongly with a warm and comforting mix of breakfast cereals, nuts and seeds, and a touch of anise.

Finish: The grainy flavours linger and linger.

Comments: Ideal as a cocktail base but also try mixing with soda, perhaps with a dash of bitters, or ginger ale.

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  1. This is a black label (Carte Noire), not a white label (Carte Blanche) ! But i won’t blame Gin Magazine as my English is not so good !

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