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Genièvre de Houlle – Houlle Carte Blanche

Genièvre de Houlle

Houlle Carte Blanche

Distillerie Persyn

ABV: 49%
Country: France
Style: Genever 
Price per bottle: £21-40 (US$27-53)
Availability: Worldwide

David T. Smith

Fabulous, complex and engaging. Malted grain with hay, citrus and digestive biscuits. Textbook.

Very smooth, despite the high ABV, and enjoyable to drink on its own. Dark rye, anise and mint sauce that complement the malt flavours. A little honey, combined with marmalade citrus.

Marbled rye with toasted dark sugar and a flicker of earthy bitterness.

A fine example of a genever: nuanced and a joy to drink. Best enjoyed simply on the rocks.



Felicity Murray

Clean, fresh, malty notes mixed with freshly cut hay and wild flowers.

The high alcohol strength is very evident but the complexity of the botanical flavours filters through equally strongly with a warm and comforting mix of breakfast cereals, nuts and seeds, and a touch of anise.

The grainy flavours linger and linger.

Ideal as a cocktail base but also try mixing with soda, perhaps with a dash of bitters, or ginger ale.



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  1. This is a black label (Carte Noire), not a white label (Carte Blanche) ! But i won’t blame Gin Magazine as my English is not so good !

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