Old Tom 

ABV: 46.3%
Country: Sweden
Style: Old Tom
Price per bottle: £21-40 (US$ 27-53)
Availability: Worldwide

David T. Smith – 9.4 

Nose: Chamomile and meadowsweet, accompanied by pine blossom, rose and strawberry. Delicate with a resinous quality.

Palate: A divine and luxurious texture. The palate achieves a delightful balance between sweet spice and crisp, clean juniper that really sparkles in the glass.

Finish: Black pepper and dark chocolate linger for minutes after sipping and are mixed with a light woodiness.

Comments: A textbook Old Tom and a great choice for a Tom Collins or a Sweet Martini. A must try!

Felicity Murray – 8.2 

Nose: A wonderfully ginny hit of juniper with added sweet and floral notes. Fresh summer meadow flowers and citrus fruits with a little honey on the side.

Palate: A thick, honeyed mouthfeel gives way to mint, fennel, liquorice, white chocolate and a big, zesty grapefruit bite. 

Finish: Smooth, slightly herbal with a lemony sharpness that cuts through the candied sweetness. 

Comments: Not too sweet and retaining the classic juniper-led gin aromas and flavours. Would go well in a Tom Collins. 

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