Half Hitch
Small Batch Gin 
Half Hitch

ABV: 40%
Country: UK 
Style: Contemporary
Price per bottle: £41-60 (US$54-79)
Availability: Worldwide

David T. Smith – 7.4 

Nose: Bright, leafy citrus with strong coriander aromas. Very aromatic with unfurling floral notes, lemon and gentle cinnamon.

Palate: A thick and creamy mouthfeel with spiced notes and vanilla. Sappy juniper, which quickly develops into succulent green leaves. Lemon balm and verbena, before warm, zesty orange.

Finish: Strong coriander seed and leaf, which is – unfortunately – on the cusp of becoming soapy.

Comments: A bold and leafy gin with a pleasant array of botanical character.

Felicity Murray – 7.9 

Nose: Subtle aromas of damp earth and pine forests, followed by green, herbal notes balanced by a refreshing dash of lemon zest. 

Palate: Thick and juicy with herbal flavours. Juniper, thyme, basil and coriander leaf are at the fore, then lots of juicy citrus fruit mixed with nutmeg, liquorice and peppery spice.  

Finish: Dry with a sharp citrus edge.

Comments: Just as you’d expect. Would work well with a simple wedge of lemon in a classic tonic.

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