£21-40 David T Smith Felicity Murray Gin Ireland Issue Two Tastings

Glendalough – Wild Botanical Gin

Wild Botanical Gin
Glendalough Distillery

ABV: 41%
Country: Ireland 
Style: Contemporary
Price per bottle: £21-40 (US$27-53)
Availability: Worldwide

David T. Smith – 8.3 

Nose: Drinking chocolate mixed with fresh, green pine needles and orange shortbread.

Palate: Thick, oily orange that gives a lively zestiness. Followed by a chocolatey earthiness and the spicy citrus of freshly-cracked coriander seed.

Finish: The coriander seed continues, where it is mixed with a little black pepper.

Comments: A bold and flavoursome spirit that has great cocktail potential. The citrus spiciness really makes me want to try this in a Red Snapper.

Felicity Murray – 8.6 

Nose: Fairly complex with juniper to the fore and a touch of citrus, delicate floral and herbal notes, like a walk through a meadow of wild flowers.

Palate: Big, complex and pleasantly oily with a rush of citrus fruit juices and a sprinkling of black pepper. 

Finish: Fruity and satisfyingly long with the after-aroma of a bouquet of flowers.

Comments: A delicate but complex gin that would add something to most gin cocktails and make a pleasant G&T. Garnish with a spig of lavender or a marigold flower.

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