Boulder Gin
Vapor Distillery

ABV: 47%
Country: USA 
Style: Casked
Price per bottle: £21-40 (US$27-53)
Availability: USA

David T. Smith – 7.7 

Nose: Toasted coconut and crème brûlée; orange and a touch of raspberry ice-cream.

Palate: The creaminess continues, where it is combined with notes of coconut, black liquorice and cassia. Flavours of lemon sorbet and light, lingering pine.

Finish: Slightly bitter pine with a peppery heat and lavender. 

Comments: An interesting and engaging spirit, but its esoteric qualities may not appeal to all and its strong flavour may make mixing a challenge. As a sipping spirit, however, it’s rather good.

Felicity Murray – 7.7 

Nose: Vanilla, ginger and cloves, pine needles, mixed dried herbs and honey emerge with a touch of orange zest. 

Palate: Fairly complex, fiery and smoky. Juniper is there along with a strong, peppery mix of spices, including cloves, vanilla, ginger and a bite of cinnamon.

Finish: Under a honeyed coating, warm spices linger. 

Comments: At 47% ABV this is ideally sipped with ice. An interesting substitute for Bourbon in cocktails and could add something extra to a martini or Negroni.

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