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Tinkerman’s Gin – 4.2 Citrus Supreme

Tinkerman’s Gin
4.2 Citrus Supreme 
A Smith Bowman 

ABV: 46%
Country: America 
Style: Contemporary
Price per bottle: £21-40 (US$27-53)

David T. Smith7.5

Nose: Malty with stewed lemon and green, vegetal notes, followed by sweet, earthy notes: angelica, dandelion and burdock, and sarsaparilla. Mulled wine, too.

Palate: Woody anise which brings some pleasant oiliness, followed by wintergreen, rose and orange blossom. This leads onto warmth from citrus oil.

Finish: A little resinous pine and an intense, oily citrus that lingers with notes of cilantro.

Comments: An intense gin which is slightly disjointed, but will likely stand up well to an American tonic.

Felicity Murray7

Nose: Herbal and summer meadow notes along with citrus fruits and a hint of juniper.

Palate: Oily with floral notes, orange, nutmeg, cardamom, angelica and bitter almond.

Finish: Fiery and nutty, with a slightly aggressive bitter edge and alcohol burn.

Comments: This needs to be mixed, either with tonic or in a cocktail, because the alcohol is otherwise too aggressive. That said, its high strength means its flavours will shine through and hold their own in any serve.

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