Sonoma Brothers
Sonoma Brothers Distilling 

ABV: 42%
Country: America
Style: Traditional
Price per bottle: £21-40 (US$27-53)
Availability: USA 

David T. Smith6.7 

Nose: Strawberry mousse with whipped vanilla cream, Shiraz grapes and apple brandy. 

Palate: Toasted barley and vanilla with baked custard. Plump blackberry and raspberry notes, before lightly oxidised, freshly cut apple and pear with the sweetness of lemon candy.

Finish: A sweet earthiness with violet and liquorice and a pine needle tingle.

Comments: A mashup between the soft, sweet berry notes and crisp, dry orchard fruit; might be better as two separate gins rather than a single one.

Felicity Murray7.6 

Nose: Damp forests and wet grass, juniper, liquorice root and black pepper, plus a hint of chamomile flowers, stewed apples and sliced melon.

Palate: Creamy and soft with a mix of spiciness and sweetness and just a hint of fruitiness.

Finish: Short but honeyed and smooth.

Comments: For me this lacks the freshness of citrus fruits but it is a very pleasant drink and smooth enough to enjoy neat over ice with a slice of apple.

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