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No.3 – London Dry Gin: Kingsman Edition

London Dry Gin: Kingsman Edition
Berry Bros & Rudd

ABV: 49%
Country: England
Style: London Dry 
Price per bottle: £41-60 (US$54-79)
Availability: Worldwide 

David T. Smith8.1 

Nose: Lemon and orange shortbread – buttery and full of zest, with the dark zest of candied peel and chocolate-covered turkish delight.

Palate: Cracked coriander seed with a little cilantro and a bright zing of citrus that tingles in the mouth with the floral spice of pink peppercorns.

Finish: Violet creams and sweet rose jelly before a sprinkling of pine sugar.

Comments: A powerful spirit packed full of flavour. A good choice for a Negroni.

Felicity Murray8.8 

Nose: Juniper, spice and the more earthy notes of angelica give way to lighter floral and grassy aromas.

Palate: A mouthful of hot pepper and spice, which eases to reveal a juicy fruitiness and an underlying sweetness.

Finish: Dry, citrusy, spicy and slightly herbal flavours linger providing a great length that’s long and warm.

Comments: A balanced gin with a peppery kick. G&T-friendly, but with enough spiciness to stand up for itself in a cocktail. Garnish with
a stick of liquorice or a sprig of lavender.

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