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Indian Summer – Saffron Infused Gin

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Saffron Infused Gin
Duncan Taylor

ABV: 46%
Country: Scotland
Style: Contemporary 
Price per bottle: £21-40 (US$27-53)
Availability: Worldwide 

David T. Smith9.1 

Nose: Fragrant saffron, floral and slightly earthy, with sandalwood and jasmine. Full of juniper; bright and resinous, with a glance of citrus.

Palate: Clean and crisp, full of nuances. Not overpowered with botanical flavour, but is balanced. Classical notes are overplayed with perfumed saffron.

Finish: Light cracked black pepper and lingering saffron, mixed with vanilla, orange and clove. Dry. Delightful.

Comments: Superbly made. Interesting character that complements rather than overwhelms. Great choice for any drink.

Felicity Murray8.4

Nose: Saffron gives this gin its yellow tint, but it’s not particularly evident on the nose, which is gentle, classical with juniper, angelica and coriander.

Palate: Big, warm and spicy with cinnamon, peppercorn, juniper and orange zest. A suprisingly smooth gin for such a high ABV.

Finish: Satisfyingly long, dry and spicy with a hint of that promised saffron.

Comments: Try it neat over ice, but if preferred, dilute with a light or cucumber flavoured tonic. Add cucumber slices, a wedge of lemon and a big sprig of fresh mint.

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