Navy Strength Gin

ABV: 57%
Country: Sweden
Style: Navy Strength 
Price per bottle: £41-60 (US$54-79)
Availability: Worldwide 

David T. Smith8.8 

Nose: Clementine marmalade with bitter orange peel, green juniper and fragrant marigold.

Palate: Initial flavours of coriander citrus followed by mellow, creamy vanilla bean. A dry woodiness followed, before hay- like floral notes and a gentle, tart fruitiness.

Finish: Crisp juniper berries with earthy black pepper.

Comments: A delightful and aromatic gin with the intensity of a Navy Gin, but none of the clichés. A lovely choice for a Gin Tonica.

Felicity Murray8.9 

Nose: Pine forests merge with the juniper, and citrus fruits then more herbal and floral notes with a touch of lemon grass and chamomile.

Palate: Warm, rich and buttery with Christmas spices. Vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon and zesty orange. Well balanced and full of flavour.

Finish: Long smooth and creamy, retaining warmth and flavour.

Comments: Perfect for winter evenings. Serve in a tumbler with ice and a standard tonic water plus a twist of orange peel or a vanilla pod to garnish.

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