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Gordon Castle – Raspberry Gin Liqueur

Gordon Castle
Raspberry Gin Liqueur 
Gordon Castle Scotland 

ABV: 28.6%
Country: Scotland 
Style: Liqueur 
Price per bottle: £21-40 (US$27-53)
Availability: Worldwide 

David T. Smith8.3 

Nose: Vibrant raspberry – fruity, plump and slightly tart. Very jammy with vanilla. A raspberry Victoria sponge.

Palate: Authentic raspberry notes upfront: sweet, with a lightly sour tang. Baking spice and crème brûlée follow with a mix of raspberry leaf and pine.

Finish: A dry finish that lingers on the palate, but without any cloying character.

Comments: A well-balanced liqueur that is not too sweet and captures the true character of the fruit.

Felicity Murray8.4

Nose: Heavy, sugary sweet, but distinctly raspberry, with rosemary, honeysuckle and fresh cuttings.

Palate: A thick, honeyed mouthful but the candied sweetness is balanced with acidity and ripe raspberries.

Finish: Long, sweet and sticky.

Comments: The clear and brilliant crimson colour of this gin would add something special to any cocktail. However, I would choose to serve it topped with Prosecco in flute glasses. Alternatively, simply pour over ice and enjoy with a chocolate or choco-mint on the side.

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