£21-40 Contemporary David T Smith Felicity Murray Issue One Tastings

Bullards – Strawberry and Black Pepper

Strawberry and Black Pepper
Bullards Gin (The Independent Gin Company)

ABV: 40%
Country: England
Style: Contemporary
Price per bottle: £21-40
Availability: Worldwide

David T Smith7.3
Nose: Bright, creamy strawberry gelato, lemon, succulent leafiness and dry juniper.
Palate: Juniper and dried strawberry to start; not too sweet, with a light bitterness.
The richer, fruity notes then unfurl, combined with notes of vanilla ice cream and zesty spice from coriander, lemon and orange.
Finish: More citrus, followed by the mellow warmth of black pepper.
Comments: A spirit that is thankfully not too sweet, however the rich fruitiness promised on the nose doesn’t quite deliver on the palate.

Felicity Murray8.5
Nose: Musty with a bit of sweet strawberry and soft summer fruits emerging.
Palate: Packed with flavours, fiery and piquant. Imparts a juicy, fruity mouthfeel that’s sweet but with a spicy and savoury edge. A light and fresh gin with a pretty rosé hue.
Finish: The sweetness lingers behind dry pepper, with vanilla and nutmeg.
Comments: Enjoy neat over crushed ice or with a regular tonic water. Garnish with a
strawberry or even a vanilla pod.

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