£21-40 Contemporary England Issue One Tastings

Brockmans – Premium Gin

Premium Gin

ABV: 40%
Price per bottle:

David T Smith – 7.1
Nose: Plump red berry notes – apple and blackberry, with strawberry sherbet and a subtle green leafiness.
Palate: Sweet, confectionary red fruit, reminiscent of fruit pastilles; this develops into notes of violet and dry earthiness.
Finish: Warm, with the spirit coming through, before a slightly creamy raspberry note.
Comments: Restrained on the juniper with berry notes taking the lead; the alcohol needs more balance.

Felicity Murray8.2
Nose: This clear liquid surprises with subtle sweet red fruit that overrides juniper and traditional botanicals.
Palate: The traditional flavours are there, but more sweeter, more delicate notes of summer berries come through to give a full and juicy mouthfeel. This is a nicely balanced gin.
Finish: All these flavours stay on the palate to give a long, dry finish with a hint of raspberries.
Comments: I would serve over ice and muddled raspberries then topped with tonic, or in a classic dry martini garnished with a blackberry.

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