VII Hills Italian Dry Gin relaunched

VII Hills Italian Dry Gin has been relaunched by Italian mixologists Filippo Previero and Danilo Tersigni.

Taking inspiration from the seven hills upon which Rome is said to have been built, VII Hills Italian Dry Gin uses Italian juniper, chamomile, pomegranate, celery, artichoke, blood orange, rosehip infused in a sugar beet neutral spirit. It is distilled using a vacuum distillation technique.

VII Hills Italian Dry Gin founders, Danilo Tersigni and Filippo Previero say: “At the moment gin is not only a spirit, it represents people. A meaningful innovation in the gin category today should start with the recipe. In an era of increased awareness, consumers tend to value more high quality ingredients, artisanal techniques, attention ot detail, and individuality.

“The more crafted a gin is, the more interesting the story behind it is. From a producer’s point of view, it is extremely important to be transparent with our audience and to be authentic. Our aim is to communicate the uniqueness of VII Hills Italian Dry Gin. Its earthy, citrus flavour is not only inspired by Italian cooking traditions, but by Roman culture itself. The result is an unusual taste, where ancient and modern flavours merge into an unforgettable drinking experience.”

VII Hills Italian Dry Gin is available across the UK at 43% ABV and at a RRP of £26+VAT.

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